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SWA caters web optimization services that will speed up your website site allowing you to generate more leads.

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Why do you need Website Speed Optimization?

Has it ever happened to you when entering a website that the images do not appear or it is continuously processing and does not finish loading? At XYZ, we will optimize your website speed. it will not only improve the user experience, but Google also loves it.

Why do you need a fast website?

Today, if you don't have a fast website, you are losing customers and it's not that we say so, but there are studies that show it. Having a website that loads slowly makes the user leave immediately. If you want to improve it, contact us and our experienced website speed optimization company will solve all your doubts.
Website speed is one of the performance factors to look at when trying to understand how your website ranks in search engines. If your pages can load faster, this could have a positive effect on Google search ranking, which in turn improves the user experience.
website speed optimization company

All the services you need from a website speed optimization company

Our in-house team of Wordpress web designers & developers will build a professional website that increases leads and sales by 525%.
website speed optimization company
Improve user experience  
If your WordPress site loads fast, visitors are more likely to trust and enjoy using your website, and engage with your website in a positive way.
Reduce bounce rate
A slow website can drive away potential customers by increasing your bounce rate. By speeding up your website, you will reduce the bounce rate.
Improve search ranking
Google evaluates sites and ranks them based on various metrics, speed being one of them. Search engines see sites that load quickly as having more value to visitors and may rank them better than slower sites.
Scoring in SEM campaigns
When running a pay-per-click campaign (both on Google and Facebook), the landing page is reviewed and given a score (known as a Quality Score).
If your content is relevant to the ad, the score is higher. If the page loads quickly, the score is higher. A high-quality score can save over 50% of your ongoing PPC budget.
Reduce server resources
By optimizing the pages and assets of your WordPress website, you can reduce server resource requirements, saving more money in the long run.

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With over 90% of website visitors being on mobile devices, how your website looks and feels on mobile will dramatically affect the amount of new business you can bring on board.
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