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Google Ads Services

SWA helps you to expand your business by allowing you to sell and Advertise on Google and get found by your target market.

Your needs, problems, and goals are our focus. Let's connect and see if it's a perfect fit for both of us!

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We give visibility to your products

We show your products to the potential customer at the time they perform a search on Google. Google Ads is a complex thing and so we are here to help your Google Ads campaigns reach their true potential

We will bring organic leads

Are you struggling to get more qualified or organic leads to grow your business? Don’t worry, our professional team will take care of it. We are here to bring you closer to your customers. We know the strategies to attract new customers for your business through Google Ads and Internet Ads campaigns.
Custom wordpress development services

All the services you need from a WordPress design company

Our in-house team of Wordpress web designers & developers will build a professional website that increases leads and sales by 525%.
Publication of campaigns in Google Ads
Google Ads is a fundamental tool for obtaining leads since in this way customers see your ads just at the moment they search Google for the products or services you offer. In order not to affect cost overruns, we optimize the campaigns so that we only appear in the searches that really interest us. A well-optimized campaign is synonymous with success.
Search Network Ads
If users, regardless of the device they use, when performing a search on Google include your keywords in it, your ad will be able to appear on the organic search results.
Once your ads have been published, we generate reports on the performance of all your active campaigns, to later modify those that need to be further optimized, adjusting the texts, images, or investment whenever requested by the client. You can also create ads with variations to see which one performs better.
Display Campaigns
Once we measure the results obtained by the campaigns, we will be able to define which audiences interact positively with our ads. If you want to increase sales or receive more calls, through Google Ads, we help you monitor the performance of your ads so that you can adjust and reach your goals.
Video Ads
Video ads are shown only to the users you want and you only have to pay when they have seen them. If you have no idea how to make video ads, don’t worry! We will take care of it.
App campaigns
Universal App Campaigns allow you to promote your mobile app (iOS or Android) to a multitude of users with just a single campaign. The experience gained from your completed campaigns will help you find the best users and get the most out of your budget.

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With over 90% of website visitors being on mobile devices, how your website looks and feels on mobile will dramatically affect the amount of new business you can bring on board.
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